Locally Relevant Teaching: 
Using locally relevant real-world sustainability challenges as a trigger for fascinating education

©Photo Lynn Delbeecke

Locally Relevant Teaching

© Photo Eva Roelandt 

LORET is designed to support teachers in using real-world problems relevant to the local community as a starting point for education. The guiding principle is to combine engagement with societal problems and the realisation of curriculum objectives and, in doing so, offer students unique educational opportunities and hope. Through LORET workshops, teacher teams develop a plan for implementing locally relevant teaching and design a series of lessons that take students along in an authentic sustainability problem-solving process.
LORET was invented by Leif Östman and Staffan Svanberg in 2004, while working on a project on education for sustainable development in Mongolia. Since then, it has been used in many countries in Asia, Africa, South-America and Europe.

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