©Photo Lynn Delbeecke

1 LORET contributes to exciting and high-quality education. Research shows that students who work on real-life challenges are more motivated and get unique opportunities to acquire new knowledge, insights and skills that are often lacking in traditional forms of teaching.

2 LORET allows you to organise sustainability education in close connection to realising learning objectives and curriculum goals.

3 LORET helps you to demonstrate to students, their parents, the education inspectorate, etc. how working with sustainability challenges can go hand in hand with realising pedagogical ambitions.

4 LORET offers you didactic tools to involve students in real-world problems in such a way that it offers them the experience that their work can really make a difference.

5 The collaboration with specialised LORET facilitators, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and with a focus on co-creation, offers great opportunities for hands-on training and capacity building.

6 LORET allows you to contribute to innovation in sustainability education.

7 LORET has been developed through intensive collaboration between researchers and teachers and thus provides opportunities to base your teaching in state-of-the-art research and proven professional experience.